How does the culture at your company/store promote change?

As an employee-owned company, we strive to always follow our core values: love, inspiration and trust. Through these values, everyone is rowing in the same direction to reach a common goal and encourage our team to be entrepreneurs in their own department.

Where do you see the dairy, deli and bakery industry headed? What is the future of the category?

Consumers continue to demand better-for-you, clean-label products that taste great. Additionally, eating habits are changing as more people turn to snacking vs. the traditional three meals per day routine. This will lead to the development of healthier and convenient deli meat snacks that can be consumed on the go but do not sacrifice flavor. 

How would you define a Champion of Change?

A person who can recognize an idea to make a positive change combined with the ability to implement it and create buy-in with all stakeholders.

Favorite food: Wood-smoked meats.