What inspires your leadership approach?

A mentor long ago told me, “Treat everyone in the bakery like they are the owner because one day they might be.”  Point being, everyone in an organization has hidden value that can make us better. Find it!

How does the culture at your company/store promote change?

Not only do we listen to our customers, but we deliver solutions to help them overcome their biggest challenges and deliver products/solutions that generate smiles with their consumers

Where do you see the dairy, deli and bakery industry headed? What is the future of the category? 

We have two serious challenges ahead, recruiting talent into the bakery and keeping supply chains flowing smoothly in the current world. I believe that we can get back to more fresh baking and know that skilled bakers will be valued, and artisan quality will command a premium price and market share in the long run. 

How would you define a Champion of Change? 

I believe as a leader you have to have sound industry knowledge, listen to many viewpoints, create an organization that is adaptive and flexible, delivers on its promises. And repeats this over and over and over again.

Favorite food: An artisan French baguette.