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United Airlines to the Rescue

Carrier remobilizes to help fight COVID-19

The Lempert Report

On April 18, the Houston Food Bank held a large food distribution event to help those who are in need due to the coronavirus pandemic as well for those they normally serve. 

Referring to the food bank, United Airlines employee Mark Zessin told ABC News,"They were quickly running out of room, and it was a challenge to find volunteers given the stay-at-home orders. I thought we may have some assets they could use."

Zessin's vision became a reality at the airport. Hundreds of United employees from all departments are now sorting, packaging and distributing up to 6,000 relief packages to families in need every day.  

Zessin is also working on organizing a blood drive, and next he plans on hand delivering thank you cards to healthcare workers. The Houston project has been so successful, United said it is working to open a second distribution center at its cargo facility in San Francisco.

Houston Food Bank President and CEO Brian Greene said they would not forget the generosity, especially given the "particularly trying times for United Airlines and their almost 100,000 employees" as the airlines continue to take an unprecedented financial hit.

"You get up in the morning and try to make a difference," Zessin said. "We all do."

Thank you Mark, and Thank You United Airlines.


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