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Top news from trade associations, market research firms and management consultancies pertaining to consumer grocery trendspolicy, regulatory and advocacy efforts.

Industry Partners

How the Digital Shift Checked Catalina Into Chapter 11

The “big data” marketing pioneer seeks a speedy restructuring, including a cleanup of its Nielsen partnership.

Industry Partners

Navigating the World of Advertising Claims

From niche brands to emerging private labels, disruption can be found throughout the food and beverage industry today.

How the old playbook for product discovery long employed by retail trading partners has given rise to a rewriting of the rules in real time.

Steve Hasen shares his take on the importance for grocery trading partners to embrace personalization and customer-centric marketing.

Ann McConnell will be replaced by association newcomer James Engstrom.

Fresh food, technology and Latin cuisine will be highlighted.

The annual program recognizes 25 honorees for their innovation in merchandising, produce-related community outreach and increased store sales.

U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance series will provide retailers and media with sustainability insights and access to the farmer perspective.

The state trade executive was recognized for his advocacy efforts at Food Industry Association Executives' annual confab.

A "blurring of brands" is transforming the category, as was evident on the show floor.

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