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Top news from trade associations, market research firms and management consultancies pertaining to consumer grocery trendspolicy, regulatory and advocacy efforts.

Industry Partners

FMI Reveals 2017 Community Outreach Award Winners

Honors given to retailers that improve their neighborhoods

Industry Partners

Technomic Launches New Transaction Insights Platform

The technology offers consumer spending and trend tracking.

Retail members from FMI and NGA advocated for SNAP preservation and enhanced payment security.

Bill’s tax cuts create potential for job growth, increased consumer spending

The annual meeting revealed new directors and highlighted a "proactive approach to change."

Several board members were also elected, including Meijer's CEO.

The network has also added seven new members to its board of directors.

The annual contest honors the grocery industry’s best marketing and merchandising programs.

K-Va-T/Food City takes Large Chain Marketer award at brand’s annual confab

The joint venture aims to greatly expand offerings and experiences for attendees.

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