Walmart revamps starting pay structure for some workers

The move standardizes entry-level wages at the store level, the retail giant said. Retail watchers said the move may indicate a less-tight labor market.


Grocery store employment holds steady in August

Retail job growth plateaus amid uptick in nationwide unemployment rate.

Wage increase brought by new contract compensates for loss of $2-per-hour “hero pay” after pandemic.

Unifor Local 414 president said the agreement “acknowledges the economic struggle that many of our members face.”

The U.S. Department of Labor is proposing to make salaried employees making less than $55,068 eligible for overtime pay, up from $38,568. The threshold would change every three years.

Canadian grocer granted injunction that bars picketers from blocking fresh food deliveries from distribution centers.

Union said lack of renewed contract offer indicates Canadian grocer’s “refusal to provide decent work and pay.”

Grocery union eyes representation of employees at mealkit brand’s Chicago production and distribution center.

Negotiations remain stalled as work stoppage at 27 greater Toronto stores nears fourth week.

The Department of Labor found the Spokane, Washington-based grocer failed to pay for short meal breaks and allowed minors to operate dangerous machinery, among other infractions.

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