NLRB judge: Dollar General committed ‘blatant hallmark unfair labor practices’

In a ruling on a case involving one of the discounter’s stores in Connecticut, the National Labor Relations Board found the retailer violated worker rights in interfering with union activity. Dollar General said it intends to appeal.


Metro averts Unifor strike in greater Toronto

Tentative agreement emerges just after the union’s preauthorized strike deadline, avoiding a walkout by 3,700 workers at 27 grocery stores.

Contract talks continue after Unifor union local authorizes work stoppage in lead-up to collective bargaining sessions.

The grocer claimed that Trader Joe’s United’s fundraising sale of branded merchandise could confuse shoppers and dilute the retailer’s name and logo.

The complaint alleges the grocer threatened retaliation against workers in Hadley, Massachusetts, as they organized a union.

The regional grocer and UFCW Local 88 were able to resolve major issues, such as pay increases and a company contribution to the employee health-and-welfare fund.

Overall U.S. retail employment “has shown little net change over the year,” the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported.

About 2,500 workers at 22 grocery stores in the Minneapolis area, who had previously voted to strike during Independence Day weekend, ratified what the union is calling a “historic” agreement.

The labor deal, which is up for a vote on Saturday, offers significant raises and improved healthcare benefits for about 2,500 employees of the grocery chain in Minneapolis.

The St. Louis-based grocer, which is currently in in contract negotiations with workers, continues to expand the offering, which gives employees greater flexibility in selecting available shifts through the grocer's scheduling app.

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