Top news and trends in play for household and personal products


“I and love and you” adds a new lamb flavor to the lineup

All-Natural total pet care maker “I and love and you” has reformulated the recipes for its 100% raw homemade food for dogs.  The company says it has removed all grains from its chicken recipe, so cust...


Lemi Shine Updates Packaging

In partnership with Helms Workshop, the brand has completely overhauled its brand packaging.

Maxell is introducing the M&M’s stereo ear buds. The product is offered in red, pink, blue, orange and white and with two sizes of silicone ear tips. Each product has a suggested retail price of $...

Clio will complete a nationwide rollout of its beauty (power) tools, offering an innovative and faster way to pamper yourself at home that is still affordable and stylish. The current range includes 3...

The nontoxic household cleaning brand has expanded its offerings and revamped its look.

PREMIER BRANDS OF AMERICA announces its simplyTress Dry Shampoo Spray. Officials for the Mount Vernon, N.Y.-based company say the unique spray instantly refreshes hair without the use of water. With t...

Nature's Truth has introduced over 15 new products to its aromatherapy line.

The new daily toothpaste helps strengthen enamel and whiten teeth to better stand up to life's everyday dietary challenges

GARCIA Y VEGA, A SWEDISH MATCH NORTH AMERICA BRAND, introduces its Garcia y Vega 1882 rolled leaf cigar. Rolled leaf, also known as “rough cut” refers to the natural leaf cigars that are made only wit...

Trilipid Research Institute has added Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen with Vitamin D to its Trilipiderm line of pharmacist recommended hydrating, all-body moisturizing products.

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