As the Plant-Based Trend Takes Off, Don’t Forget the Package


The COVID-19 pandemic has taught the world a lot of lessons. Awareness of public and personal health has, of course, skyrocketed. As people are forced to rethink their behaviors to avoid spreading the virus, many are embracing all-around healthier habits in an effort to shore up their immunity and, in general, take better care of themselves.  

Meanwhile, science continues to reveal more ominous signs that our planet is in deep trouble, and there is a growing sense that something needs to be done. Concerns about health and sustainability go hand in hand, and together are helping drive growth in the market for plant-based foods. At the same time, the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) reported in August that the industry’s momentum around sustainability has continued through the pandemic, unabated.  

Corrugated material is itself plant-based—made from trees grown in sustainably managed forests, where they are planted, harvested and replanted in a circular ecosystem that is entirely renewable. In the U.S., the forest products industry plants three new trees for every one they harvest. Plus, 92% of U.S. corrugated in 2019 was recovered, recycled and used to make new boxes.

Corrugated boxes are made to be remade using both new and recycled plant fibers. Both feedstocks are essential, so as more boxes are delivered direct to consumers’ homes, residential recycling is more important than ever. CPGs and retailers can help by delivering their products in recyclable packaging in the first place, and by supporting their local community recycling efforts.

People are hungry for healthy, holistic options, and building consumer trust is more important now than ever. Don’t miss this opportunity to let customers know that their favorite brands support their current values and concerns. Always use the most sustainable packaging possible and communicate the package’s recyclability, recycled content or other environmentally-responsible attributes. By aligning the package and brand with their values, retailers and CPGs can make it easy for consumers to feel good about using their products and services.

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