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With flavor-forward attributes often proving to be the top motivator for consumers when selecting adult beverages—from flavored malt to canned cocktails—manufacturers pumped innovation into the retail landscape this summer.

A host of both hot and cold packaged coffee and latte suppliers added to their arsenals during the second part of 2023

Including Limoncello Bites, fruit snacks, Pop-Tarts and more

TikTok trends are helping to fill carts, the discount grocer said in revealing its 2023 Aldi Fan Favorites.

June ice cream purchases were up 9.8% compared to the year prior, study says

Products include protein smoothies, oat milk and frozen pizza

New treats from Little Debbie, Entenmann’s Bakery and Hostess

Segment grew 15.6% in dollar sales, declined less than 1% in unit sales

Unlike several other retail channels, grocery has a chance to push packaged alcoholic beverage brands out the door within a captive audience-type advantage

Beginning in 2024, the Sweets & Snacks Expo will cycle through a rotation of two years in Indianapolis followed by one year in Las Vegas until 2032.

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