Food and nonfood product innovation across the store.

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Ready or not, the coming months mean a return to business-as-usual for many adults and children returning to work and school in person.

Pizza night is a great tradition in many American households—and this year, an especially popular option for consumers staying home or scaling back on restaurant dining during COVID-19 restrictions.

The Lempert Report: According to Insight on Foods, it's emotion.

WGB's editors taste and test a sampling of new items, from olive oil to yogurt bars.

Only one in three consumers know that sugar comes from plants. It’s not that they don’t believe it, many have just never thought about it.

With a global pandemic forcing restaurants to shutter their dining rooms, consumers everywhere are turning to their local grocery stores to keep them well-fed.

WGB's editors taste and test a sampling of new items, from chocolate to cheese and quark.

Between main meals, consumers are crazy for healthy, indulgent and clean products.

WGB's editors try out the latest products.

With gender identity in the spotlight, a study asks consumers to rate the masculinity and femininity of foods.

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