Food and nonfood product innovation across the store.

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WGB's editors taste and test a sampling of new items, from chocolate to cheese and quark.

Between main meals, consumers are crazy for healthy, indulgent and clean products.

WGB's editors try out the latest products.

With gender identity in the spotlight, a study asks consumers to rate the masculinity and femininity of foods.

The Lempert Report: Natural foods makers are creating confections that mimic consumers’ favorite childhood items without corn syrup and other artificial ingredients.

WGB's editors check out the latest products.

The Lempert Report: A decade ago, the frozen food aisle in most supermarkets was a wasteland, but brands and retailers may be in the middle of a revolution.

The Lempert Report: Nearly 60% of shoppers almost always read a label before buying a new food.

WGB's editors try out the latest products.

WGB's Breakroom guest talks wellness, sales and innovation in the pet aisle, and reveals his top three cartoon dogs of all time.

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