Food and nonfood product innovation across the store.


Farm Rich Rolls Out Limited-Edition Meatballs

Hot Honey Glazed and Grape Chili Sauce varieties are available at Walmart nationwide.


Special K Debuts New Probiotics Cereal

Berries & Peaches with Probiotics contains live, active cultures for digestive health.

Line includes ready-to-eat, heat-and-eat, ready-to-assemble options

Refreshed program includes 32 options with new flavors, sizes

Initiative to help retailer compete with eCommerce over the holidays

Members will see weekly savings on better-for-you foods across retailer's regional banners

Platform streamlines digital shopping experience

Companies are offering a sweepstakes and promotion to Texas shoppers in honor of National Friendship Day.

With new advertisements, company reaffirms commitment to exposing marketing gimmicks and empowering consumers to make informed choices.

California Walnut Board will test retail promotions with Mann Packing’s Veggie Slaw Blends and California Giant Strawberries.

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