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Natural Health, Beauty Products Gain Ground

Retailers and consumers are paying more attention to nontoxic wellness.


Heinen’s ‘Pharmacy of the Future’

Heinen's has launched Club Fx, an innovative health and wellness program that includes dietitians who will assess the nutritional value of shoppers' carts and pantries.

The pandemic drives sales in cookware and cleaning products for consumers confined to, and investing in, their homes.

An informed staff is the starting point for educating consumers on the uses and potential benefits of cannabidiol products.

Beverages, topicals and gummies are popular, despite lack of FDA approval.

Boredom drives the surge in between-meal noshing.

Sales climb of high-end, economical and fringe pet products.

Why this beverage—flat, fizzy or enhanced—is resonating with consumers now

Consumers who are spending more time at home amid the pandemic are buying more treats and toys for their four-legged family members.

From lab-grown meats to good old-fashioned comfort foods, what will be hot in the year ahead.

An increased focus on plastic waste has major beverage companies taking a second look a packaging practices.

Consumers take comfort in keeping freezers stocked with convenient and healthy food.

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