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Fresh Food

Going Nuts for Nuts—and Dried Fruits

Sales of nuts and dried fruits are on the rise as consumers seek convenience with nutrition.

Fresh Food

Better Birds Drive Poultry Sales

Chicken and turkey are often positioned as a healthier alternative to beef, and to millennials and health-conscious consumers, poultry is a first-choice meat.

Thanks to cleaner labels and product innovation, the freezer is once again ablaze with hot sellers.

To drive personalization and relevance, supermarkets need to turn loyalty into data, experts say.

Retailers are offering more ways for customers to pay for their goods—human interaction optional.

The meat department staple could use some love to get more consumers thinking about pork as a captive meal builder.

From LED lighting to better employee awareness, grocers can do a lot to reduce energy bills and benefit from sustainable practices.

Rice and pasta are ripe with innovation as consumers embrace variety, new flavors and convenience.

Retailers move to capitalize on consumer demand for supplements derived from natural sources.

Moms and millennials are leading the call for products with fewer and simpler ingredients.

A raging debate over bone-in meats offers retailers an opportunity to educate their shoppers.

As the category shrinks, cereal reaches for more promos, dayparts and snacks.

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