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Fresh Food

Price Saves the Non-Holiday Week for Meat Department

Volume sales of meat vs. last year were flat for the first time since the pandemic began.

Fresh Food

Produce Sales Receive Sales Boost From Father’s Day

Produce continues to see increased sales, with fresh items up nearly 16%.

The week saw huge sales in both dollars and volume as selection was more expansive than previous weeks and even though prices remained elevated.

Father’s Day led to a spike in sales for dairy, bakery and deli as pandemic shopping patterns continue.

Sales increased nearly 10% over last year, but the gain was not as large as in previous weeks.

Compared to last year, the category grew nearly 16% in dollar sales but volume had a much less robust growth of only 1%.

Frozen category sales growth remains in the double digits but the selection in-store remains spotty.

Since the pandemic shopping began, dollar and volume growth have both been in the double digits compared to last year.

Sales saw a 13% increase over last year in the last week of May.

During the last week of May, the meat supply remained tight but that did not affect demand, which was still high.

Sales of plant-based meat alternatives are at an all-time high, but share is down as meat sales also have increased significantly.

Pandemic shopping is still boosting demand for dairy, but consumers shy away from service bakery and deli products.

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