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Empty Shelves, Cluttered Aisles: Walmart Woes, in Pictures

Concerned about operational issues at Walmart Supercenters, R5 Capital sought to survey the scene at Walmart stores. Here's some of what they observed.


Walmart: Cleanup on Aisle ... All of Them?

Scott Mushkin set out to document inventory and merchandising issues at Walmart stores across the country. His conclusion: It's not just an aisle cleanup that's needed.

Tropical fruit rides immunity-boost sales trend.

"Everything you see in a white, middle-class suburban neighborhood is what you need to see in the urban Black neighborhood—an abundance of healthy food and availability," says Rachael Dombrowski, co-director of the Great Grocer Project.

Shoppers have sought out more, and more expensive, proteins during the pandemic. But just because their restaurant visits will increase doesn't mean what they buy at the grocery store is likely to change, IRI analysts say.

When it comes to policy affecting agriculture and food retailers, expect a greater focus on combating food insecurity and addressing food deserts, NPR's senior Washington editor says.

Consumers find value-added proteins a welcome mealtime solution at the crossroads of convenience and culinary discovery.

Customers have been willing to venture into new territory with their protein purchases in the past year—retailers must be similarly flexible, panelists urge.

Ten killed, including responding Boulder Police Department officer; police say there is no ongoing threat to the public.

Go fish: For at-home Valentine's dinners and Lenten fish Fridays, increasingly seafood-confident consumers added more fresh and frozen seafood to their carts in February.

Fridge No More just closed a $15.4 million Series A funding round that the Brooklyn-based "cloud grocer" says will fund expansion on the East Coast. What's the appetite for 15-minute grocery delivery?

SNAP participants are more likely than consumers overall to order groceries online. Making e-commerce more accessible can help grocers better serve—and win the trust of—SNAP shoppers.

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