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Special Delivery

Grocers expand specialty pharmacy services and seek accreditation.

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Results from a recent survey administered by Produce Marketing Association’s (PMA) Research Center show eat brighter! growing in presence, with 78 percent of suppliers reporting an increase in sales of products branded with eat brighter! during the third quarter of 2015.

Dried cranberries account for nearly one-third of dried fruit and snack mix sales.

The produce industry continues to grow as consumer demand for fresher, healthier food options skyrockets.

Sweet potatoes contributed 0.9% to produce department sales for the latest 52 weeks ended July 25. Sweet potatoes were the third highest-selling potato variety behind russet and red, accounting for 16...

Better quality and lower prices are driving private label sales.  How much less expensive does a private label product have to be to get consumers to pick it over the national brand equivalent? Accord...

Food retailers are staking a bigger claim to the expanding pharmacy and wellness markets. By David Frederick Advancing pharmacy operations and bolstering healthcare offerings are becoming an increasi...

Apples sell best in the autumn months, led by Gala, Honeycrisp and Fuji varieties.   By Haley Hastings Apples were the second highest-selling fruit category, accounting for six percent of total prod...

By offering prescription services, over-the-counter solutions and nutritional support by way of food offerings, grocers can become the go-to outlet for those suffering from diabetes.

Sweet trumps hot for popularity in the peppers category. By Haley Hastings Peppers were the seventh highest selling vegetable category, accounting for 2.9% of total produce department dollar sales d...

The success of the in-store bakery is affecting sales in the baking needs aisle. The good news is that the baking aisle remains a big category at supermarkets, and consumers continue to use the groce...

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