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Sales Review: Packaged Salads

Packaged salads dollar and volume sales increased more than 20 percent in the past year.

Sales Review: Onions/Garlic

Both onion and garlic sales continue to trend upward, despite increases in average retail price.

Prepared foods is the biggest dollar generator within the deli, and prepared chicken remains the top-selling item in the category.

Russets rule the potato roost, accounting for more than 43 percent of sales.

Sales in the lettuce category are driven by the Romaine and Iceberg varieties.

With almost 40 percent of market share, Bartletts still pace pear sales, followed by Anjou, at nearly 30 percent.

Of all prepared foods in the deli, sushi sales enjoyed the biggest improvement.

Sweet or hot, the peppers category enjoys strong sales.

Prepared foods continue to drive growth in the deli department.

Cinco de Mayo and Super Bowl are the top avocado selling time periods.

Prepared foods account for more than half of deli sales.

Snacking and hothouse on the vine make up more than 55 percent of the tomatoes category.

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