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Kat Martin is content manager for Winsight Grocery Business with a focus on the independent grocery sector. Kat has more than 20 years of experience covering the retail food industry, including five years at Progressive Grocer, where she covered a range of industry segments from independent grocers to gourmet retail. She began her career at Modern Baking, covering the in-store and retail bakery markets. Kat holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in English/Creative Writing and History from Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, Va.

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Meijer Begins Health Screenings for Employees

The retailer will begin daily temperature checks of staff and require them to answer questions before shifts.


Target to Limit Number of Customers in Stores

In addition to previous social distancing measures, the retailer will now distribute personal protection equipment to employees and limit customers.

Eight of the retailer's Utah locations are distributing one thermometer per family at pharmacy drive-thrus.

In effort to enforce social distancing standards, grocery stores will have to limit the number of customers to 20% of the store’s stated fire capacity.

The bill moves onto the House and includes additional aid for consumers and benefits to grocers, including a delay in payroll taxes.

Store traffic and sales of pantry staples are up across the chain, but the impact of COVID-19 has led the retailer to delay plans for remodels and new stores.

In survival mode, some restaurants are turning to grocery, but is the turn just a stopgap measure or a new reality?

Foodservice distributors such as Sysco and US Foods are turning to supplying grocery stores, and app-based delivery service Waitr has shifted to grocery delivery.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act addresses immediate needs of two outreach programs.

Customers can buy meals from the restaurants in the grocery store, and the restaurants will keep the profits.

The retailer is offering temporary employment to two local restaurants’ workers affected by the pandemic.

U.S. food leaders are preparing a list of requests to help address the coronavirus crisis, including relaxing some child labor regulations and authorizing the National Guard to deliver food in emergencies.

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