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4 Insights Into CBD Gummies

The Gummies Market Trends and Growth Report finds CBD gummies projected to grow 30% by 2025.


Grocery Stores Have Most Consistently Labeled CBD

Study results from the CBD Awareness Project's product potency tests put grocery at the top for label accuracy.

The pandemic has shifted grocery retailing online, and CBD products are no exception.

The largest trend in the CBD/hemp category is pet products.

Two of the five CBD subcategories experiencing the highest growth are beverages, Nielsen data shows.

More than 50% of grocery stores carry at least one CBD item, a 123% increase, new research shows.

Industry leaders respond to the latest agency statement that noted expanded educational efforts.

Manufacturers are responding to the pandemic and may see online sales increase while retail sales decline.

Still in its nascent stages, the CBD market could be a boon for retailers if they understand the products that sell and who is buying them.

Hemp is legally allowed to be grown again, but CBD products remain in limbo as the FDA has done little to clear up confusion.

Industry experts give their take on prominent themes in the category, despite regulatory uncertainties.

A look at topical products and why consumers and retailers alike are flocking to the CBD segment.

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