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Fresh Food

The Food and Climate Connection Has to Happen

The Lempert Report: Six in 10 U.S. consumers say they are willing to eat more fruit and vegetables, yet the vast majority of Americans think reducing meat means higher cost.

Fresh Food

The Animal Activism Gender Fight

The Lempert Report: About 79% of vegans are women, so why aren't more women running meat-free food companies?

The Lempert Report: We may be influenced by our social peers—both close friends and acquaintances on social media—more than we realize when choosing certain foods.

The Lempert Report: A look at which of our foods—including locally sourced foods—have the largest carbon footprint and effects on the environment.

The Lempert Report: Unilever is updating its principles for marketing food and beverages to kids, and putting people and health above profits.

The Lempert Report: Can density of grocery stores, reduced shopping times and more frequent trips reduce waste?

The Lempert Report: Vegan specialties are becoming a normal part of the menu at fast-casual and fast-food eateries, and sales are growing.

The Lempert Report: Students and industry veterans work with Fortune 500 companies and startups to innovate the realm of food science and grocery.

The Lempert Report: Lack of access to healthy food is a factor in obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure, and those who live in and around food deserts suffer the most, but Baltimore is making strides.

The Lempert Report: First the nicotine patch, now a bacon patch?

The Lempert Report: Cutting through the myths and science of extreme diets.

The Lempert Report: The American Beverage Association spent almost $19 million fighting Philadelphia's tax from 2016 through September 2019. But who won?

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