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Fresh Food

Just 2% of All American Farms Are Black-Owned

The Lempert Report: Soul Fire Farm's Leah Penniman shares how sustainable farming can deliver social justice.


Insights From Raley’s on Opening a Supermarket During COVID-19

The Lempert Report: CEO Keith Knopf says one of the lessons he's learned is to "act quickly and be deliberate."

The Lempert Report: An Oxfam analysis shows retailers need to improve their policies.

The Lempert Report: Boarded-up supermarkets due to recent looting and protests raises questions about how long it will take to rebuild and, ultimately, the availability of food.

The Lempert Report: Expect upgrades and innovation in the months and years to come.

The Lempert Report: Registered dietitian and nutritionist says “noteworthy patterns” in consumption could lead to new food habits with long-term benefits.

The Lempert Report: As seen with meal kits, the over packaging and materials needed to keep foods fresh or frozen is a turn off for many.

The Lempert Report: Defining the term can encourage broad consumer and industry support for products that help reduce food waste

The Lempert Report: The program developed by Brookfield Properties and Optimus Ride is helping families in southeast D.C. who are struggling with food insecurity amid the pandemic.

The Lempert Report: Study finds more positive experiences associated with food—rather than demanding a child clear their plate—will encourage consumption of new foods.

The Lempert Report: The FDA is temporarily loosening its policies during the coronavirus pandemic to help minimize supply chain disruptions and give producers more flexibility amid shortages.

The Lempert Report: The coronavirus has changed everything about food.

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