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Fresh Food

Plant-Based Foods: Enough Already?

The Lempert Report: Plant-based proteins can fit into many unique diets, but is it all a fad?


Forget About Brain Cancer, Your Smartphone May Be Making You Fat

The Lempert Report: One study finds that those who used a smartphone five or more hours a day increased their risk of obesity by 43%.

The Lempert Report: More than 400 products, including foods such as cheeses, olives, coffees, fruits and wine, will see price increases.

The Lempert Report: More than one-third of consumers seek foods that improve their mood, sleep and gut health, or fight aging.  

The Lempert Report: Xanthan gum, or fermented sugar, has a scary name, but it is not a scary ingredient.

The Lempert Report: Over the next decade, automation and AI could put 54 million Americans out of work.

The Lempert Report: The Open Agricultural Initiative, a climate-controlled greenhouse designed to raise crops in the air, faces new scrutiny.

The Lempert Report: West Coast independents Kukje Super Market and Takahashi Market claim top 10 customer ratings, along with a Costco in Honolulu and New York's Eataly.

The Lempert Report: Popeyes' sold-out chicken sandwich dominated news headlines across the country, and it showed us food marketing's unintended consequences.

The Lempert Report: The world’s meat, fish and dairy industries are failing to tackle the enormous effect they are having on the planet.

The Lempert Report: Grocery retailers grab customers by some of the same means as restaurants, and Grubhub's latest app can help.

The Lempert Report: Rising wages and a labor shortage of 1 million workers in foodservice has the grocery sector concerned.

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