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Fresh Food

Is It Fair to Portray Big Food as the New Big Tobacco?

The Lempert Report: Food clearly differs from tobacco because it's a necessity for life. But experts who commissioned a three-year study suggest the food sector's political influence has had an adverse effect on consumer behavior and public health.


The Climate Change Report Card Is In

The Lempert Report: More than 120 companies received an A grade for their efforts.

The Lempert Report: Stop & Shop is planning to test the idea this spring.

The Lempert Report: Restaurants can call on Postmates drivers to deliver leftovers to shelters.

The Lempert Report: The We Forum offers tips on how to make the world more sustainable.

The Lempert Report: The aluminum foil producer created a wearable snack pack.

The Lempert Report: A new study suggests the scents can trigger satisfaction without taking a bite.

The Lempert Report: The technology does not require a visual description.

The Lempert Report: How a natural antioxidant found in grain may be the answer to fresher food.

The Lempert Report: General Motors and DoorDash have teamed up for a new pilot.

The Lempert Report: A technique could reduce the chances of E. coli outbreaks.

The Lempert Report: The state uses anaerobic digesters and has strict legislation in place.