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What's the Second Brain and How Can It Be an Opportunity for Grocers?

The Lempert Report: Promote foods that are already on shelves that are good for the gut.

Fresh Food

Food Inflation Continues—Here's Why

The Lempert Report: Layering the pandemic on top of general market trends has made the situation worse.

The Lempert Report: New York's Latino community has been disproportionately affected by the pandemic due in part to social inequality.

The Lempert Report: Group partnering with Bell & Evans and Cargill to invest $500 million to transition 50,000 acres of conventional soybean and corn crops to be USDA Certified Organic.

The Lempert Report: How and where new opportunities are promoted matters to the younger, tech savvy potential employee.

The Lempert Report: Program aimed at creating a new community focused on solving the challenges plaguing the world's food supply, including safety, waste reduction and health.

The Lempert Report: What categories were the winners and losers?

The Lempert Report: What happens when we shift our eating habits from enjoyment and pleasure to basically eating for sustenance alone?

The Lempert Report: Why not embed takeout and delivery of prepared foods in a store's app?

The Lempert Report: Changes include more federal food assistance, restoring school food standards and strengthening GMO labels.

The Lempert Report: As delivery and pickup become more popular and concerns about COVID-19 continue, supermarkets can respond proactively by speeding up checkout times and urging shoppers to use mobile devices to check out.

The Lempert Report: The restaurant chain intends to license its brand through Broad Street Licensing to “food and lifestyle spaces.”

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