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Subway Seeks Space in Supermarkets

The Lempert Report: The restaurant chain intends to license its brand through Broad Street Licensing to “food and lifestyle spaces.”


How Much Are You Tipping?

The Lempert Report: The president and co-founder of One Fair Wage reports tipping has decreased amid the pandemic because sales are down overall.

The Lempert Report: Fish is largely missing from key global food policy discussions and decision-making.

The Lempert Report: This year marks the first time hemp will be grown in Indiana as a commercial crop.

The Lempert Report: This generation's focus on clean foods can serve as a roadmap for grocers to understand what they should be highlighting to all their shoppers.

The Lempert Report: Poll finds consumers are drinking more during the pandemic—and sometimes during the workday.

The Lempert Report: "Diners, Dudes and Diets" by Emily Contois explores what the dude means instead of focusing on the particulars of dudeness—sorry Jeff Bridges.

The Lempert Report: IFIC predicts more technologies and innovations centered around meeting customer food safety needs and expectations.

The Lempert Report: Updated labels at the store level and online highlight businesses that are women, Black, Asian-Indian, Hispanic, LGBT, Asian-Pacific or veteran-owned.

The Lempert Report: Agrofresh's recently launched machine-learning technology called FreshCloud aims to transform the management of fresh produce.

The Lempert Report: If nothing else has been learned during the pandemic, it is that it's time to be transparent.

The Lempert Report: Just as delivery has grown during the pandemic, so have single-use plastics, adding to the issue of waste.

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