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Fresh Food

The Atlantic Declares Foodie Culture Is 'Over'

The Lempert Report: Food shows are now beginning to focus on home cooking and everyday ingredients already lying around the kitchen.


Delivery Startups Plot New Competition for Instacart and Shipt

The Lempert Report: The pandemic has provided new opportunities for food delivery startups such as Brooklyn's Farm to People.

The Lempert Report: How SpartanNash hustled to help distressed restaurants.

The Lempert Report: COVID-19 has forced a decrease in ethanol production and increased the cost of CO2 used in foods and beverages.

The Lempert Report: How much do restaurants make when they use a delivery app service?

The Lempert Report: The Glass Pantry illustrates new ways to consume, produce and distribute food.

The Lempert Report: The American Psychological Association reported 38% of Americans attribute unhealthy or excessive eating to stress normally, and the pandemic adds to it.

The Lempert Report: Obesity is one of the biggest risk factors for people admitted to hospitals with COVID-19.

The Lempert Report: Dozens of grocery store workers have died from COVID-19, in spite of masks, temperature checks, plexiglass barriers and improved sanitation.

The Lempert Report: Hundreds of United employees from all departments are sorting, packaging and distributing up to 6,000 relief packages to families in need every day.

The Lempert Report: With large meat plants slowed by the COVID-19 pandemic, workers have been offered bonuses to stay on the job—but money isn't the main issue.

The Lempert Report: A powerful op-ed illustrates the fragility of the food economy.

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