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Fresh Food

New Service Wants to Change Eating at Home

The Lempert Report: Table Dot allows users to select local chefs to prepare meals in their home kitchens.

Retail Foodservice

New Legislation for Fast-Food Workers

The Lempert Report: Fast food's jarring 150% employee turnover rate necessitates a big change in restaurant industry practices.

The Lempert Report: Retailers would be wise to learn from restaurants as they help folks figure out what’s for dinner.

The Lempert Report: Funding for agricultural research and smart conservation practices are necessary to sustain farming.

The Lempert Report: A new study shows that a selective diet is as important to protecting the ecosystem as is eating and buying locally.  

The Lempert Report: A new study compares environmental impacts from meal kits and grocery stores, and the results are surprising.

The Lempert Report: We crave our favorite foods, such as ice cream, pizza and cookies, because they stimulate the reward circuitry in our brains

The Lempert Report: One study estimates the impact of FDA label policy on sugar content.

The Lempert Report: Millennials tend to have very different household makeups when compared to other generations, and pets are no less than a member of the family.

The Lempert Report: Reframing how adolescents view food marketing campaigns can have an effect on their dietary choices.

The Lempert Report: How organic food consumption further influences good health and better environmental outcomes.

The Lempert Report: A study examines how diets contribute to climate change.