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COVID-19’s Effect on Foreign Food Safety Inspections

The Lempert Report: The Food and Drug Administration halted overseas food inspections as a result of the pause in travel from the coronavirus outbreak.


You Better Learn More about Agroforestry

The Lempert Report: The integration of trees with crops and livestock provides stability in food production.

The Lempert Report: Increased quality and better variety have all led more shoppers to switch to store brands.

The Lempert Report: Robots and new gadgets will better allow farmers in the future to decide what to sow, when to fertilize and how much to irrigate.

The Lempert Report: Scientists say some foods can help combat depression.

The Lempert Report: Six in 10 U.S. consumers say they are willing to eat more fruit and vegetables, yet the vast majority of Americans think reducing meat means higher cost.

The Lempert Report: About 79% of vegans are women, so why aren't more women running meat-free food companies?

The Lempert Report: We may be influenced by our social peers—both close friends and acquaintances on social media—more than we realize when choosing certain foods.

The Lempert Report: A look at which of our foods—including locally sourced foods—have the largest carbon footprint and effects on the environment.

The Lempert Report: Unilever is updating its principles for marketing food and beverages to kids, and putting people and health above profits.

The Lempert Report: Can density of grocery stores, reduced shopping times and more frequent trips reduce waste?

The Lempert Report: Vegan specialties are becoming a normal part of the menu at fast-casual and fast-food eateries, and sales are growing.

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