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Fresh Food

Protein Is Still at the Top of Shoppers’ Lists

The Lempert Report: The majority of consumers, particularly millennials, say protein content is extremely influential in their grocery purchases.


Is a Grocery Price War Brewing?

The Lempert Report: As the industry struggles to find its next act, price gaps are narrowing among online sales.

The Lempert Report: A new company gives retailers the opportunity to get the latest on "shop and go" technology that tracks customer behavior.

The Lempert Report: Opting for a decent hourly wage for foodservice workers could lead to happier staff and customers.

The Lempert Report: Grocers could build their own greenhouses to provide sustainable local produce.

The Lempert Report: In the meantime, we must see more hothouses and vertical farms being built across the globe.

The Lempert Report: Scientists also hope the innovation will inspire young people to choose careers in agriculture.

The Lempert Report: Researchers are working toward creating an edible RFID chip.

The Lempert Report: The growing need for greener and more accessible sustenance was heatedly discussed at the GreenBiz 18 conference.

The Lempert Report: A recent lifestyle conference made some claims one doctor says are "not medically productive."

The Lempert Report: Across the pond, a "Green Brexit" aims to reform environmental protections.

The Lempert Report: A French study found a correlation, but some are skeptical.

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