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Grocers Should Not Ignore Today's Food-Focused Teens

Cooking demos, store tours and specially tailored retail dietitian programs can shape loyalty early on.

Wholesalers & Distributors

Sacramento Chick-fil-A Ups Minimum Wage

The Lempert Report: The restaurant will offer up to $18 an hour.

The Lempert Report: The U.K.-based tool, Giki, is one of several popping up across the pond.

The concept allows customers to order in advance through the restaurant's app.

The Lempert Report: Proposed symbols include a green leafy plant and even a smiley face.

The Lempert Report: The retailer offered a peek inside its remodel and expansion strategy.

Businesses that serve food are facing roadblocks that are rarely discussed.

The Lempert Report: Some of these films may not be steeped in science but call attention to important issues.

The Lempert Report: It took three months to discover the source of E. coli contaminated romaine lettuce that killed five and sickened consumers in 36 states. There’s a better way.

The Lempert Report: A potential new entrant crawls into the superfoods fray.

A recent report from 210 Analytics assesses where prepared foods departments are flourishing and also missing opportunities. 

The Lempert Report: During a tour of the retailer’s newly remodeled St. Charles, Ill., store, executives discussed Aldi's hefty cap-ex purse while pledging to stay true to its "keep it simple for shoppers" mantra.

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