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What If We All Went Vegan?

The Lempert Report: Researchers at USDA's Agricultural Research Service and Virginia Tech asked just that question, and the answers may surprise you.


2018 Food Trend #10: Future Supermarkets

The Lempert Report: Here's a preview of what the supermarket itself may look like in 2018 and beyond.

The Lempert Report: This is not about political parties – but an overview of where we are today and what is coming.

The Lempert Report: Personal security will be top of mind in 2018.

The Lempert Report: Advertising should inform and get people to buy—and should tell the truth, especially about our foods and nutrition.

The Lempert Report: New technologies surrounding food are set to catapult consumers into convenience.

The Lempert Report: The foods we eat are the No. 1 cause of preventable death and disease in the U.S.

The Lempert Report: The benefits of vertical farms make it impossible to ignore as the farming of the future.

The Lempert Report: Consumers have witnessed a more intellectual connection to our foods, and now it gets physical.

The Lempert Report: The buzzword has quickly become the mantra for many brands’ marketing objectives—but do they really understand what it means?

The Lempert Report: The Orlando Sentinel has a terrific report on how the “local” movement is prospering in the area’s restaurants, but how the providers of these “local” products may not be reaping the benefits

The Lempert Report: Led by Natalie Menza, RD, ShopRite has one of the best retail dietitian programs with an RD in just about every one of their more than 270 stores.

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