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Why supermarkets are starting to think like restaurants

A Deeper Dive: Heather Lalley, editor-in-chief of Winsight Grocery Business, joins sister publication Restaurant Business' A Deeper Dive podcast to talk about grocers’ push into prepared foods and more.

Restaurant owners: Grocery stores are preparing to come after your business.

This week’s episode of the Restaurant Business podcast A Deeper Dive features Heather Lalley, the editor-in-chief of RB sister publication Winsight Grocery Business. We chat about, shockingly enough, the grocery business.

Specifically, Heather and I discuss the competition between grocers and restaurants. We talk about the move grocers are making into restaurants’ territory, and how these companies plan to generate more of their business with prepared foods.

Grocers, she said, are starting to “think like restaurants.”

We also talk about a potential shift by supermarkets into lower prices, and why that might sap some business from restaurants in the coming months.

We’re chatting grocery on A Deeper Dive so check it out.

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