Ahold Delhaize USA Partners With RangeMe in Search of Diverse-Owned Brands

Peapod Digital Labs to host four quarterly virtual events
Ahold Delhaize

Peapod Digital Labs (PDL), which aims to provide a better omnichannel experience for Ahold Delhaize USA shoppers, is partnering with ECRM RangeMe, an online platform for retail buyers, to seek out certified, diverse-owned businesses to showcase their products.

PDL is scheduled to host four quarterly virtual events throughout the year allowing merchants from the brands of Ahold Delhaize USA to meet with potential new suppliers as well as learn about their expertise and offerings. The first scheduled event will take place March 14-18. Later events will be held in May, July and October. 

The company said the events are strategically timed throughout the year to allow vendors the best opportunity to win business from Ahold Delhaize USA brands. "Peapod Digital Labs continues to take purposeful steps to provide pathways for diverse-owned suppliers to expand their relationships with the companies of Ahold Delhaize USA," said JJ Fleeman, president of Peapod Digital Labs, in a statement. "By partnering with ECRM RangeMe, we hope to accelerate and scale the process of onboarding products from diverse-owned suppliers in a more efficient and impactful way than ever before.”

For consideration, certified minority-, LGBTQ+-, woman-, veteran- and disability-owned businesses with products or services in the listed categories can apply by  Feb. 7.

Once submitted, representatives from Ahold Delhaize USA companies will review and select vendors for the virtual event. Suppliers not chosen for the event will still be accessible through the RangeMe registration tools and may be reviewed by Peapod Digital Labs again in the future as business needs change. The application can be at RangeMe.

Since its U.S. launch in 2015, RangeMe, which is now owned by ECRM, has partnered with other leading grocery retailers including Hy-Vee, Kroger and Southeastern Grocers, to name a few.



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