Albertsons Aids in California Wildfire Recovery

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The recent wildfires in California left over 20 people dead and hundreds missing while also damaging countless buildings. Among the devastated businesses include several wineries in the Napa Valley area, which could suffer from changes in the taste and availability of their future wine supply.

In an effort to help the affected communities recover from the disaster, the Albertsons Companies Foundation has organized an in-store fundraiser. Safeway, Vons, Pavilions and Albertsons stores in California and Northern Nevada aim to raise money to help disaster relief organizations including the Red Cross to prepare for, respond to and help people recover from these devastating fires.

Customers can make donations at checkstands of the company's California and Northern Nevada store locations. The Albertsons Companies Foundation will match customer donations up to $500,000. 

"We have a longstanding history serving California. We're committed to helping our neighbors during this crisis," says Christy Duncan Anderson, executive director of the Albertsons Companies Foundation. "We know the needs are great and we want to make a meaningful impact to help people recover."

Along with financial assistance, Safeway's Northern California Division is working with the Red Cross to donate tractor trailers to bring and store food to help evacuation shelters. They are also working with multiple local organizations throughout Napa and Sonoma counties to provide food and other necessities to multiple shelters.



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