America’s Most Trusted Food Retailers: The Most Satisfying

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Although the bulk of the Most Trusted Food Retailer data focuses on the nation’s various retail banners, it’s also appropriate to showcase the key drivers responsible for building or eroding consumers’ trust in their grocers of choice. Consumers have become more price-focused in the past year as competition among online and brick-and-mortar retailers has taken on a whole new meaning, evidenced by shopper panelist ratings of the top three factors that affect their trust in a grocery retailer. As a possible sign that rising trade tensions and turbulent markets are having an effect on consumer spending, shoppers are first and foremost in search of low prices at 45%, an increase of four percentage from 2018. Quality offerings of fresh produce (42%) and meat (35%), both of which declined by five percentage points from last year, closely followed.

Selection (25%), service levels (23%) and updated stores (22%) remained static with year-ago insights, while loyalty programs (12%) declined by two percentage points. Self-checkout (10%), meanwhile, gained four points from last year’s study, denoting that consumers are still fans of having both full- and self-service experiences.

Top Trust Drivers

In regard to satisfaction on the key attributes of the top five food retailers (Walmart, Kroger, Aldi, Publix and ShopRite) based on share of trips, plus this year’s retail trust leader, H-E-B, Publix enjoys an above-average satisfaction score in all key attributes. It factors as the highest overall consumer satisfaction retail trust leader across all categories, which include overall value, overall experience, selection of food and beverage products, service/staff, fresh produce and fresh meat.

H-E-B exceeds average satisfaction on every measure except selection of nonfood products. The value consumers place on the chain’s private label products and selection of new products are particularly strong, as is Aldi’s extreme value and quality private label products.

ShopRite was also found to deliver solid satisfaction with value, along with strong selection and easily shopped stores.

Satisfaction on Key Attributes*

Top 5 based on share of trips, plus H-E-B

Walmart has a higher score than the average only in terms of a variety of products, although its scores are slightly lower than the average in all other categories.

Overall, Kroger’s satisfaction scores are consistent with the industry average, while its satisfaction levels for fresh produce far exceeds the industry average.

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