Mosaic Foods to Open Frozen-Foods-Only Retail Store

Vegan and vegetarian meals specialist will make brick-and-mortar debut May 20 in Brooklyn
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Direct-to-consumer vegan and vegetarian meal-delivery company Mosaic Foods said it will open its first brick-and-mortar store on May 20 in New York City. The Mosaic Foods Market pop-up store will be open for business seven days a week for at least six months in Brooklyn at 607A Vanderbilt Ave.

Mosaic says it strives to make vegan and vegetarian eating tasty and convenient for those who would like to go meatless or more but have reservations about making the change. Founded in 2019, the meal subscription service company provides fully prepped, ready-to-heat, flash-frozen vegan and vegetarian meals. Now, Mosaic will be bringing its meals to customers in person.

“An estimated 50% of Americans want to eat less meat, but less than 10% are vegan or vegetarian," Mosaic co-founder and CEO Matt Davis in a statement. "There are many challenges to making the switchchanging the way you cook, shop and the restaurants you go to," he continued. "We saw an opportunity with Mosaic Foods Market to offer people the ability to try Mosaic meals ... without the commitment of an online subscription to show consumers just how easy making the switch can be."

At Mosaic Foods Market, customers will find sampling stations as well as in-store-only offers. More than 70 vegetarian and vegan meals will be on offer, as well as items such as smoothies, pizza, and in-store-only sides.

“Our goal is to make plant-centric eating more accessible and approachable for everyone while reducing food waste,” co-founder Sam McIntire added in a news release. “More than 30% of food grown in America goes to waste because of inefficiencies in farming and distribution. By cooking and flash-freezing our meals, we're taking a huge bite out of food waste, and the meals you purchase won't go bad on you at home. Internationally, there is also a rich history of selling exclusively frozen food in retail, and we aim to bring this trend stateside by opening Mosaic Foods Market in Brooklyn."



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