New Online Tool Helps Walmart Customers Shop by Dietary Needs

Walmart Shop-by-Diet sorts items based on allergens, possible medication interactions, other product attributes
Walmart checkout
Photograph courtesy of Walmart

Walmart customers with specific dietary needs and preferences now can access an online tool meant to help them find suitable foods and beverages while shopping in-store or online.

The new Walmart Shop-by-Diet tool is available at Chicago-based Sifter SP, the company behind the item-filtering offering, calls itself a Nutrition as a Service platform and notes that food allergies and intolerances affect 85 million U.S. consumers, according to data from Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE). A larger number report following a special diet, such as vegan or keto. 

Walmart Shop-by-Diet "will help shoppers find foods and supplements that fit their personal dietary and lifestyle goals with greater variety and flavor," Sifter stated in a news release announcing the tool's launch. "Walmart customers will be able to discover and shop for foods based on allergens such as nuts or dairy, medical diets such as diabetes and heart health, and dozens of lifestyle diets." Customers further can sort through items based on production-associated attributes/terms such as grass-fed and can check whether an item contains an ingredient (grapefruit, for example) that might interfere with certain medications.

Shoppers using the tool can create a MyDiet profile, build a shopping list and find recipes based on specific dietary needs. A Product Spotlight section features Walmart and Sam's Club private-label brands that boast a variety of nutrition and allergy-friendly attributes. 



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