New Wegmans App ‘Missed the Mark,’ Shoppers Say

Confused shoppers bombard the crowd-pleasing retailer with negative reviews  
wegmans app

Wegmans Food Markets recently launched a new mobile application, with the promise of offering shoppers the opportunity to access their Shoppers Club membership on the go; get personalized search results; see digital coupons as they build their lists; shop online for delivery or curbside pickup; and view their shopping list organized by aisle.

But according to hundreds of shoppers who took to social media following the technology’s debut, the new app is plagued by problems and offers little promise of a seamless shopping experience.

The early reviews provided the crowd-pleasing retailer with a different glimpse into the passion of its shoppers, and officials said the retailer was already at work on fixes.

“Better search criteria!” said one Wegmans shopper on Facebook. “Example: I want to add fresh pasta to my list (the kind in the dairy section) but nothing came back searching ‘fresh pasta.’ ”

“Why did you do away with the option to print without pictures?” asked another Facebook poster. “It also makes no sense that there is no way to print the list by aisle like in the past.”

“Tried to look at the coupons, and it says I need to sign in, but I am signed in, so there is no way to sign in again. Already missing the previous app, which was great,” wrote a Wegmans shopper on social media.

Other Facebook posters cried: “The new app really missed the mark,” and “The new app is not user-friendly at all.”

Wegmans quickly responded to these and more comments. “Thanks for pointing that out to us. Our search results team has been working on tweaking this,” posted the Rochester, N.Y.-based grocer.

“Our Developers and Marketing group are taking all our customer’s issues into consideration as they move forward to make improvements to the new system. We’ll pass your comments along.”

Laura Camera, a Wegmans spokesperson, told WGB that regular updates and improvements will be made to the app.

“As is typical with the implementation of new technology, things happen at launch that you don’t anticipate. We’ve addressed the glitches and continue to listen to our customers feedback as we work to make enhancements to the app every four to eight weeks,” Camera said in an email.

The Wegmans' app interface features FAQs to help shoppers navigate the new features.

“To add an item to your list, simply enter the name of the item in the search field at the top of the screen," the Wegmans site reads. “Tap the item you were looking for and tap ‘Add to List' or ‘Add to Cart’ (depending on whether you selected in-store, curbside pickup or delivery). You can change the quantity of the item by tapping the plus or minus sign on the left or right side of the button.”

Additional FAQs address changing an in-store list to an order for curbside pickup or delivery, as well as locating past purchases from the home screen by tapping on “My Items.”


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