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What Took Uber So Long to Add Ratings to Uber Eats?

The Lempert Report: Let's take food ratings to the next level.


The Effect Behind the 'Lidl Effect'

A Lidl commissioned pricing study shows competitors have lowered prices where Lidl has arrived.

Casey’s reported bid could fuel the Restock program and support tech initiatives.

The budget plan would take away some shopping trips.

The move is in tandem with the department store retailer's plan to make its stores more productive and efficient.

The debt-laden chain seeks to close 94 stores in six states.

Impressed by the brand's celebration of "fun and individuality," the retailer plans to make the line available in all stores by fall 2018.

While slowing down and building new facilities, the retailer is making a few exceptions.

The Atlanta launch will support the retailer's goal to get grocery delivery to 40% of the U.S. population this year.

Latest deal broadens Hispanic grocer’s reach into Arizona

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