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Four Tech Trends for 2021

From light vehicles to biometrics, technology promises to create a faster, cheaper, more convenient experience.


Who Really Benefits From California Proposition 22?

The Lempert Report: The real problem of too many riders is not being addressed.

Gourmet Toronto grocer is first to roll out Inabuggy's 3D virtual shopping feature.

The Lempert Report: Acosta report says the mobile phone has become an indispensable tool for supermarket shoppers while in-store.

The company, which recently expanded to grocery delivery, has lost money every year since its founding, it said in a prospectus.

Deploying teleoperated electric delivery carts, a partnership between Self Point and Tortoise enables local grocers to meet growing demand for affordable delivery services.

Incisiv’s 2020 Grocery Digital Maturity Benchmark study reveals the uneven distribution of the e-commerce bounties and calls for a comprehensive reset of operating models.

This year, grocery sales surged following stay-at-home orders and restaurant dining room closures.

For many, online grocery ordering was available pre-pandemic, but the surge in use meant reevaluating the process—how to best store exponentially more orders than they did before, how to ensure customers’ orders were accurate and ready on time and more.

The Lempert Report: CPG and supermarkets can use Instagram as a tool to develop new food products and gauge consumer trends.

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