84.51° Introduces the Collaborative Cloud

Data science platform gives CPGs access to big grocery data
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Aimed at helping the CPG industry “unleash the potential of their data science teams with a groundbreaking new platform,” 84.51°, Kroger's data science firm, has launched Collaborative Cloud. Updated weekly, the unaggregated, transaction-level data for 60 million de-identified households is, according to Cincinnati-based Kroger, an easy-to-use, privacy-compliant, hosted environment that is built to the individual client’s specifications and data needs.

Conagra Brands is the latest branded food company to put the 84.51° Collaborative Cloud to the test. With 24/7 access to data, data scientists can execute analytics their organization’s business leaders can use to understand the evolving landscape, strengthen their strategies, and drive transformative growth, says 84.51°.

84.51° Collaborative Cloud has become a go-to resource for my team’s most complex analyses. It covers the bases for our modern, data-driven approach for innovation, offering speed, compatibility with our tech stack and a robust national footprint of household purchase behavior,” said Brian Archey, senior director, data science and analytics for Conagra Brands, in a statement.

Features of the 84.51° Collaborative Cloud include data from two billion annual transactions from nearly 60 million households—half the households in the U.S.;UPC-level unaggregated data with an encrypted, anonymized, persistent household identity; an omnichannel view of in-store, pickup and delivery transactions; and access to data up to a four-year history.

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After the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 impacted every aspect of the grocery industry, from supply chain issues to shopper behavior, Conagra Brands’ data science team turned to 84.51° Collaborative Cloud to make sense of their 2021 forecast, evaluate shopping behavior changes across numerous commodities and predict which new behaviors would stick. 84.51° says its transaction-level data with built-in privacy controls has enabled the Conagra team to present better demand projections for its portfolio, make more informed assumptions about demand for innovation, and make smarter decisions on production levels, shopper retention efforts and other marketing spend.

“More than a platform, 84.51°Collaborative Cloud is a partnership bringing together a client’s business leaders and data science team with our own experts, backed by 20 years of data science experience,” said Patrick Kelly, 84.51° VP of product. “The client decides what transactions they want, what to include from those transactions and how they want to be able to tie transactions together, and we build an individual environment to meet those priorities. From that point, we offer a flexible engagement model that can range from answering questions and providing guidance as the client needs it to having our own experts work shoulder-to-shoulder with the client team to co-develop science within the platform.”




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