Walmart Adds Smart Features to App

Walmart Inc. has made improvements to its app and added a new feature called Store Assistant in an effort to further streamline the shopping experience.

Now when a shopper enters a Walmart store, their app will transform into the Store Assistant, which has tools such as Walmart Pay readily available and boasts an easier-to-find product search bar and scanner. 


Here are some of the features Walmart has added to its app:

  • Smarter lists. Updates to the list-building feature include the ability to customize terms such as "milk" without needing to pick an exact item match and to check the items' availability at a specific store. The cost of the list will also be calculated with tax included, so shoppers can anticipate how much money they will spend before they even enter the store. 
  • Improved store navigation with store maps. Walmart is creating a unique map of each of its stores that will help shoppers find what they are looking for more quickly. Store maps are already available in a handful of stores, and will be rolled out nationwide in the near future. 
  • More store information. Shoppers can now easily check whether a store has a department, such as a Photo Center or Auto Care Center, and see department hours and phone numbers. Walmart has also included additional information such as the ability to check Rug Doctor availability. 

"Imagine dropping pins on a store map tied to the location of items on your list, enabling you to plan your route through our stores, or the ability to book services like an oil change in advance," retailer officials wrote on the company blog. "Imagine even smarter lists … maybe so smart that you’ll hardly have to make them!"


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