Winsight Grocery Business Launches New Website

New site reinforces vital connection between print and digital offerings

In conjunction with its November 2017 debut, Winsight Grocery Business has unveiled a new website to impart the best digital experience possible for site visitors.

Featuring a sleek, polished look to match WGB’s recent rebranding efforts with its monthly print magazine, the new site design and user interface are tailored for an immersive experience focusing on Grocery Business’ robust content.

WGB’s new website also boasts a surplus of enhanced content display options, such as infinite scroll, slideshows, premier content layouts and enriched images and video, all of which are integral to exceptional website user experiences.

“Above all, our new website aims to reinforce the vital connection between our print and digital offerings to more closely integrate our properties, and in turn, set us apart with visually compelling design, authoritative content and perspectives, research and analysis and relevant opportunities to help grocery trading partners remain connected,” says Meg Major, VP of grocery content group.

  • Improved page speed and enhanced layouts.
  • Faster and more responsive page load times for multiple devices.
  • Simplified the navigation for visitors to easily locate favorite categories or special reports.
  • Full-width display to showcase content, photos and related site offerings in the best visual manner possible.

Employing more inventive design and a more robust content strategy while focusing on research-based insights, provocative profiles and inspiring category features, WGB aims to better address the evolving habits and heightened expectations retail professionals have for need-to-know content.

For more information on Winsight and its brands, go to or


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