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Ocado Acquires 2 U.S. Robotics Firms

Kindred Systems, whose picking and sorting robots are deployed in general merchandise retailers, and Haddington Dynamics, which makes a novel robotic arm to pick delicate items, will “massively” accelerate technology and efficiency aiding online grocery for clients such as Kroger, the company says.


Building Shopper Loyalty in the Age of COVID

A new shopper survey from Anyline Inc. finds that price and expiration date errors erode customer loyalty and trust.

Observing grocery staff wearing gloves has become commonplace, particularly when working with ready-to-eat foods in the deli or produce departments, or when performing customer-facing tasks such as checkout or deli counters.

The partnership between Ocadao and Mymex isn’t necessarily what you think is, but when it comes to automating online grocery, every bit helps.

The post-COVID environment won't look like the pre-COVID world, the author says, so retailers better look hard at predictive demand.

Investment could commercialize robotic order retrieval solutions at companies like Kroger, marrying efficient technology enhancements at both ends of the online grocery experience.

As the convenience trend grows to include contactless checkout and payment, the Caper Cart developer introduces a countertop solution for small stores.

A fleet of autonomous Tennant floor scrubbers, powered by an improved operating system from Brain Corp., will hit the aisles at more than half of the retailer's stores.

And the challenge of ensuring that operational and brand standards are enforced consistently across stores is magnified for multi-location grocery brands. 

“Homegating”—a tailgating alternative that brings the food and fun indoors—had already become a mainstay for football fans in years past.

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