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Commissioned Study Quantifies 'Instacart Effect' on Sales, Employment

Though viewed by some as cannibalizing and interloping, Instacart benefits sales and employment, a commissioned study finds.


Pizza Is About to Get a Makeover

The Lempert Report: Domino’s Pizza, which is the world’s largest pizza brand, is seeing its earnings slide as same-store sales are down. It is turning to technology to fix the problem.

Convenience chain aims to address consumer expectations of faster service, improved experience.

The author assesses current progress, and long-term vision, for various players in the in-store robotics field.

The spaceship logo is being replaced by a "bright and friendly" rebrand emphasizing service and an expanding marketplace.

In a world of online hacking, stolen identities, deep fakes and fake news, efficient tools for age verification, including biometrics, are now within reach.

The Lempert Report: A new wristband device uses a shopper's DNA to help them make healthy shopping choices.

Against the backdrop of radical change, many retailers must accelerate their adoption of techniques to facilitate innovation.

Exhibitors on the show floor talked productivity enhancements that await only pricing strength.

Autonomous vehicles can open new branding and eating occasions for food marketers.

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