Walmart to ditch plastic bags in Washington

Starting April 18, no single-use bags will be provided at checkout or pickup at the 65 stores in the state. So far, the retail giant has eliminated plastic bags in six states, as well as in Canada and Mexico.


Walmart’s future is outside its 4 walls

The retail giant on Tuesday said e-commerce, advertising and other revenue streams will surge in importance in the coming years.

The retail giant said it continues to grow share in grocery, with food sales up in the “high teens” during the fourth quarter and a significant uptick in private-label purchases.

“Caution” and “uncertainty” were the themes of the retail giant’s latest earnings report, potentially providing a bellwether for the rest of the industry.

The retail giant confirmed it would shut down Global Tech team offices in Austin, Carlsbad, California; and Portland, Oregon. Workers at the locations will be relocated, the company said.

The $98-per-year Walmart Business+ membership offers free shipping and extra savings on qualifying orders from a curated selection of 100,000 products, the retailer said.

Walmart made 6,000 drone drops in 2022 at 36 markets in seven states, inching the retailer closer to its goal of “conducting drone deliveries at scale.”

The retail giant on Wednesday announced the nationwide rollout of its Text to Shop platform that allows shoppers to place orders about as easily as texting a friend.

Doug McMillon, CEO of the nation’s largest retailer, told CNBC Tuesday that the company is seeing a significant rise in shoplifting, echoing similar comments made by Target last month.

In her lawsuit, Donya Prioleau alleges that the gunman who killed six of his coworkers in Chesapeake was known by the retailer to have a “long-standing pattern of disturbing and threatening behavior.”

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