Walmart Adding AR to the In-Store Experience—Including for Grocery

New tech will let shoppers scan store shelves to more easily find what they're looking for
Photograph courtesy of Walmart

Walmart wants to take some of the shelf gazing and label scrutinizing out of the in-store experience for shoppers on the hunt for specific items.

The retailer said it's working on new AR tech that will allow shoppers to point their phone camera at store shelves and, using the Walmart app, easily identify and filter items based on their product preferences. Consumers looking for gluten-free items, for example, could visualize product information without having to go and pick up the item and check the label themselves. In addition, according to the retailer, shoppers will be able to use the in-development tech to quickly identify which items are part of a rewards program or have had price reductions.

The announcement of what's in store for AR in Walmart stores came as part of a broader update from two Walmart e-commerce and global tech executives on Walmart's augmented-reality initiatives. 

First to debut for customers will be a feature on the Walmart app that will let customers view AR-enabled furniture and home-decor items virtually in their home. Shoppers will be able to view an initial 300 items and move them around their rooms, toggling items virtually to check for fit and capturing a photo of how the item would look in their space. Consumers' phones also will vibrate if they move an item outside the boundaries of the room. 

"All of these AR-powered features are helping us deliver fast, engaging and personalized experiences that take the work out of shopping and underscore our commitment to using technology to save customers time and money," the company stated.


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