View live webinars and on-demand recordings from food retail industry thought leaders.


The Halo Effect: How Retailers Can Greatly Improve Their Promotional Profitability and Sales

In this webinar, you'll learn how to optimize your promotions by using Daisy's AI-powered merchandising platform.


Planning for the Future: Building your Customer Engagement Strategy for 2025

What should you consider to prepare your customer engagement strategy today to meet the needs of your customers tomorrow (and in 2025)?

This webinar will present an illustrated guide to the many initiatives undertaken by UK retailers in their attempts to combat the discounters – some current, some recent, and some not-so-recent.

This webinar will use data and observations to describe current consumer perceptions and will review the elements of supermarket foodservice where consumers are looking for upgrades.

There are two prevailing kinds of digital shelf edges: video rails and electronic shelf labels. This webinar will explore both types of digital shelf edges, potential applications and benefits.

As retail continues to fragment, understanding how to develop a strong value proposition is vital for future success.

Join an interesting discussion regarding the evolving use of natural refrigerants in the food retail industry and how quickly attitudes are changing.

Tom McDonald and Leslie Warshaw will discuss how category management is evolving.

Learn how artificial intelligence is transforming grocery stores, from marketing and promotions to forecasting and operations.

This is the epicenter of retail innovation. See the best of robots, 3D printing, IoT, and every other emerging technology that fits that sweet spot of both TECHNOLOGICALLY POSSIBLE and ECONOMICALLY VIABLE. The future of commerce is created right here.

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