Are Cannabis Vending Machines the Future?

Cultiva Wellness launches Wellness Pantry
Cultiva Wellness
Photograph courtesy of Cultiva Wellness

While automated "salad robots popped up at retail across the country in the last year, a new plant-based contactless vending machine has just come to market. Cultiva Wellness of Miami has launched its new Wellness Pantry, which dispenses a variety of CBD and hemp products.

Calling it "the most technologically advanced automated dispensing unit on the market today," Cultiva Wellness said the Wellness Pantry is not your typical chips and soda vending machine.

The Wellness Pantry features remote monitoring and operation, touchless payments and the use of blockchain technology to verify customers’ age. With the automated machines, Cultiva Wellness seeks to make hemp-derived/CBD products accessible and available to a mainstream market.

Founded in 2019 by cannabis attorney Daniel Torres, Cultiva Wellness claims its mission is to make hemp, CBD and wellness products easily available to as many people as possible using technology-driven solutions.

"We want to do our part to help people and grow the industry," said Torres in a statement. “With the launch of the Wellness Pantry, we're giving whole communities access to quality products in a fun, interactive, safe and simple experience."

The first Wellness Pantry was recently installed in the Miami suburb of Doral in partnership with NFC Amenity Management. While Torres said Cultiva Wellness wanted the first Wellness Pantry to launch in its hometown of Miami, the company plans to roll out the concept nationwide.

"We love working with developers, property and amenity managers who are looking to innovate and give their residents and communities world-class experiences," said Torres.

The Cultiva team also recently released a new version of the Cultiva app, which features a newly designed shopping experience, among other updates.

Cultiva Wellness positions itself as a technology-driven solutions company. In addition to the Cultiva app and the Wellness Pantry concept, Cultiva has a footprint in hemp wholesale/distribution, retail and e-commerce, as well as product placement in local stores and exclusive points of sale. Its curated portfolio of proprietary and third-party brands includes the recently introduced Caribbean Buds hemp line.



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