Better tasting gluten-free mixes for baking is the promise of new Our House brand

Our_HouseIn order to overcome the wariness that some people have about gluten-free foods, a new brand of baking mixes has launched with the promise of flavor, texture and quality that no other gluten-free baking mixes can offer, say officials for Our House. Its products will soon arrive on store shelves with a “Better Taste Guarantee," add officials. “We have witnessed the growth of gluten-free baking mixes and noted the dissatisfaction of consumers involving their taste and texture,” says Craig Hagood, CEO of House-Autry Mills. “We knew that there could be better formulations developed and set about creating a gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO baking mix line we call ‘Our House.’ ” In consumer taste tests, Our House brand products were judged superior in taste and texture, and gluten-free category buyers of retailers presented with the new Our House line agree, officials add. “There has been universal agreement among the retailers that have sampled the Our House line that we do, in fact, have something very special to offer gluten-free consumers,” says vice president-marketing Mike Ganey. “Their enthusiastic response will assure that we can expect most retailers to offer Our House in 2015.” Our House offers a complete line of baking mix products, including: all-purpose flour, brownie mix, cookie mix, pancake and waffle mix, corn bread mix, and baking mix. “We are offering a money-back guarantee to any consumer that any of our gluten-free products offer a superior flavor and texture when compared to any other gluten-free brand,” Hagood explains. “We invested heavily in research and development and the construction of a new plant for milling our gluten-free products to assure their purity.” Our House packaging will include two recipes for using each mix in both a traditional and a new way. “Our research indicated that gluten-free consumers are constantly in search of new ways to use a favorite product, so our packaging, website and other digital marketing will include a healthy offering of recipes and recipe ideas,” Ganey says.



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