The Chia Co Launches Ready to Eat Breakfast Foods

chiacoThe Chia Co, innovators in the health food market, have announced three new breakfast lines. The company made their first step into the ready to eat food category in 2013 with Chia Pods, a world-first product that made waves internationally through partnership with eleven-time world champion surfer, Kelly Slater. The Chia Co has now introduced three new products, which the company describes as follows:
  • Chia Pod Oats: A ready to eat breakfast option, combining wholegrain oats with a full serve of sun-ripened chia, fruit and virgin coconut oil. Available in four varieties, Chia Pod Oats contain 7g of fiber per serve and have less than one-third of the sugar found in traditional instant oatmeal. Chia Pod Oats are packaged in BPA-free, food grade polypropylene plastic, which is completely safe for microwave heating to eat warm.
  • Chia Pod Bircher Müesli: The original wholefood breakfast, with the perfect balance of naturally sweet fruits with chia and wholegrain oats. Chia Pod Bircher Müesli comes in three delicious flavours, each delivering 1.5g of omega-3 and 8g of fiber per serve.
  • Oats+Chia: Wholegrain oats and sun-ripened chia are blended with the finest quality fruit and virgin coconut oil producing a creamy, diary-free texture. Available in four fruit varieties, each single serve ‘just add water’ Oats+Chia delivers 5g of dietary fiber.
Founder and CEO of The Chia Co, Australian farmer John Foss says these products will break new ground by providing consumers convenient and healthy ready to eat options. “We know that finding the time to eat a healthy breakfast is difficult for busy people, and for too long the ready to eat breakfast market has been loaded with sugar, artificial flavours and preservatives,“ he says. “As the highest plant source of omega-3, fiber and protein, chia offers vital nutrition that is often lacking in the modern diet. Our new products offer the nutrition of chia in all-natural, ready to eat breakfasts that taste amazing.”


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