Modjo Hydrate Elite Expands Distribution

Modjo Hydrate Elite  the coconut water and sea salt based sports drink and Modjo forLIFE  the line of antioxidant and rejuvenation beverages will now be available throughout the Florida Pan-Handle as a result of a new agreement with The Lewis Bear Company, an Anheuser-Busch distributor. Modjo forLIFE and Modjo Hydrate Elite are new-age functional drinks from Cellutions, a maker of lifestyle consumer products. As part of this partnership, The Lewis Bear Company will also be carrying Modjo Synergy, a patented hangover prevention tablet and Caffeine Free Modjo Life Natural Energy Shots. Cellutions has recently forged a number of important distributor and retailer alliances in the last couple of months including QuikTrip, Tom Thumb, Mapco and several Circle K divisions throughout the country. “For over 100 years, Lewis Bear Company has built a reputation for its superior product offerings and award winning service. Because we take pride in our heritage and our retail partner relationships, we carefully evaluate the market potential of any new product before including it as part of our portfolio. The Modjo brand of products bring not only award winning innovation and excitement to the functional category but are backed by a company that supports the market and us,” said Chad Bonner, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We have been privileged to work with some of the leading distributors across the country and our new relationship with Lewis Bear adds substantially to our ability to properly and effectively reach our retail customers throughout the Florida Pan-Handle. Simply put, being associated with Lewis Bear, winner of the Anheuser-Busch Bronze Eagle, also adds a certain level of prestige to the Modjo brand of products,” said Cellutions founder and President Victor H. Diaz. In 2010, Cellutions introduced Modjo forLIFE, an anti-aging and rejuvenation beverage that’s available in three flavors, Grape Pomegranate, Simply Citrus and Island Punch. Modjo forLIFE is a powered by the natural ingredient Resveratrol which has been shown to have anti-aging properties as reported in several clinical studies from leading universities and research centers. Modjo forLIFE is also caffeine free and loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. Modjo forLIFE has been recognized by leading beverage and convenience trades for its taste, innovation and functional ingredients. In 2011, the company continued demonstrating its innovative touch by introducing Modjo Hydrate Elite, the ultimate hydration beverage and the FIRST all-natural thirst quencher infused with real coconut water and fortified with sea salt. Modjo Hydrate Elite is the perfect balance of electrolytes required in a contemporary functional sports drink that’s crafted for the serious athlete and right for everyone and any activity.  Modjo Hydrate Elite is available in the most sought after flavors including, Lemon Lime Ice, Orange Rush, Island Punch and Arctic Crush. It was five years ago when Cellutions entered the new age product scene with the introduction of Modjo Synergy a patented and all-natural hangover prevention supplement. Modjo Synergy tablets were the first in a series of Modjo branded lifestyle products launched by Cellutions which was formed in 2002. After Modjo Synergy the company introduced one of the first Caffeine Free energy shots made with Natural Ingredients - Modjo Life Natural Energy Shots.


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