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Walmart Makes Waves in Wellness

New services are aimed at making living a healthier life more accessible and more affordable for caregivers, parents and other Walmart customers.


Hy-Vee Launches Healthy Lifestyle E-Commerce Site

WholeLotta Good health and specialty products can be purchased online and shipped directly to homes across the U.S.

Registered dietitians will host educational events, including virtual store tours and cooking classes.

The free, opt-in program, available to Schnucks Rewards members, will tally and track customers' purchases of better-for-you fare.

Amid the whiplashes of the pandemic and rising inflation, consumers crave healthy convenience, feel-good functionality and more bang for their nutrition buck.

“We are on a mission to make healthcare services more accessible for our patients,” said Kristin Williams of Hy-Vee.

Easy to add to food, beverages or directly on the tongue, dissolvables offer convenience to on-the-go consumers.

Burgeoning category is expected to reach $629 million by year’s end.

With everything from CBD lotions to facial cleanser gaining traction, the market is forecasted to reach $720 million this year.

CBD items, as retailers may be noticing now, are more than simply a craze to manage physical and emotional stress. As it is now completely legal to buy and sell industrial hemp throughout the nation, more and more retailers are taking the leap to sell them.

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