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Wholesalers & Distributors

Expect More Grocery, C-Store Disruption From Amazon

Retail giant developing new store formats to integrate brick-and-mortar initiatives

Wholesalers & Distributors

Profitability Is Not the Customer’s Responsibility

Treating customers differently based on their profitability is counterproductive to building loyalty and creating a healthy customer experience.

Low prices available to loyalty program through Dec. 31

Barber, Mowitt, Litz, Oliver to take new roles

Advertised discounts help retailers achieve goal of attracting more customers

The company veteran will co-lead the integration with Amazon.

Investors ID Ahold Delhaize as likely suitor

The initiative expands on the recent collaboration between the companies and August Home.

Repeal expected before the end of the year

Blue Apron Holdings CFO Brad Dickerson is succeeding co-founder Matt Salzberg as its president and CEO.

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